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  • Intro to Tantra (Singles & Couples) – 11/10 in Tuscon, AZ

    Prepay Now for Extra Discounts! (more at the door) Intro to Tantra: with a Special Puja Night! (Singles & Couples)  November 10, 2014 @ 8pm Arizona Power Yoga 8567 N Silverbell Rd # 225Tucson, AZ 85743   This class is devoted to sacred sensuality, opening the doors to your soul. Singles or couples, learn the essential practices […]
  • The Tantric Kiss: A Romantic Kissing Class (for Couples) 11/14 in Los Gatos

    Date: Friday, November 14 Time: 8:00p.m. – 10:30p.m. (Doors open at 7:30pm) Fee: $98 per couple **Early bird ticket price of $75 per couple available now! Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center 761 University Ave. Suite A Los Gatos, Ca. 95032     Kika has been traveling the country visiting several different TV shows with […]
  • Tantra Lounge – Communication & The Past – Ep. 4

    Tantra Lounge – Sex Talk Radio Ep. 4 In this episode, Kika shares how to create your life the way you want it to be. Learn to recognize repeating patterns in how you deal with relationships- and we’re not just talking the romantic ones! Kika will also teach you how to grow and break through those negative […]
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  • Tantra Lounge – Divorce & Breaking Up – Ep. 3

    Tantra Lounge – Sex Talk Radio Ep. 3 Divorce and Breaking Up (Episode originally aired 9/13/14)
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  • Tantra Lounge – Tips for Happy Relationships – Ep. 2

    Tantra Lounge – Sex Talk Radio Ep. 2 Tips for Happy Relationships
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  • Are you satisfied with your love life?

    For over a decade, Bay Area Tantra coach, Divine Kika has transformed the lives of men, women and couples to help them attain the kind of relationships that they have always dreamed of. Tantric relationship coaching is for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life and more satisfaction in their closest connections.  Kika is passionate about […]
  • Improve Your Love Life – Forever!

    Private appointments with Divine Kika will empower you on your path to bliss.  Express and embody the passion of your heart and heal every aspect of your being.  Uncover new levels of intimacy in your relationships, personal and professional life.  Begin your journey towards  realizing your innate sacredness and awaken to divine love.   Kika’s [...]
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  • Are you sabotaging your relationship?

      Authentic communication and coming from the heart is the key to conscious loving. Relationships are much easier when we know how to connect in the ways that really serve these ideals.  It’s easier than you think and the rewards are priceless! This video provides advice and insight for women and men about how to […]
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  • Why Tantra?

    Why Tantra? Tantra guides you to become completely present and to open your heart to deeper connection with yourself and others.  Simply put, all emotions live in the body.  Tantra will entrain you to become more attuned with your sacred energy centers, awakening your chakras with your life force energy.  Expanding your awareness and understanding [...]
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  • Kika’s Birthday Photos! Check them out!

    Hello sweet friends! I had a wonderful time at my birthday party, last weekend.  Thank you to everyone that was able to be there, I feel so very blessed. I have included a few photos from the party here, and would love it if you would share any pictures that you might have taken that [...]
  • VIDEO: A special offer… don’t miss out on this!

    Kika invites you to AWAKEN! $99 Promotion for Awakening the Goddess!  2 days only! PLUS – 5 free tickets for women who want to be there, but don’t have the means. Don’t let money be an obstacle to your growth and healing. REGISTER HERE This weekend’s retreat will help you reach deep within in order to […]
    Awaken the Goddess - Kika
  • VIDEO: Helene Rothschild invites you to Awaken the Goddess Within…

    June 8th & 9th in Los Gatos Read All About It! &  REGISTER HERE  As Spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Healer, Helene presents: “Awakening the Healer and Inner Master.”  She will show you, that you are a precious diamond.  You’ll learn to remove the beliefs that are blocking you from shining all your facets.  You’ll take […]
  • Video: DivineKika interviews Dr. Dipa H. Patel, MD

    Divine Kika, interviews a Dr. Dipa H. Patel – a leading figure in breast health and diagnostic imaging / radilogy. In this video Dr Dipa H. Patel shares some of her in depth knowledge of breast health and breast cancer prevention. She will be speaking at our upcoming weekend event for women on June 7 […]
  • Awaken the Goddess Within: Video

    Step fully into your power JUNE 7th & 8th REGISTER HERE (Sat 10am – 7pm  |  Sun 9am – 2pm) Location:  Los Gatos Accupunture and Qigong Center, 761 University Ave Los Gatos, CA 95032 This special workshop, for women only, combines the sexual wisdom of Tantra with the best of Western research, exploring techniques and […]
    Awakening the Goddes: Video
  • Sensual Couples Yoga: Yoga for Lovers!

    Saturday | May 24 @ 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Is a class that teaches you how to connect with your partner in the physical realm with all your senses open. It is done in a way that is sensual, fun and yummy for both of you. You are going to learn to breathe with your partner and feel them […]
  • Start Right! How to Build Healthy Relationships with Tantra

    For the Intermediate Level - Couples and Singles welcomed -  GET TICKET HERE This Friday, May 23rd | 7:00pm – 9:30 pm Build the Foundation is designed to help students start relationships on the right foot. This class will help you avoid the awkwardness of the dating scene. Whether you want a casual, serious or open [...]
    Start Right! Building the foundation
  • Kika’s Review of – the 13th Annual ISTA Spring Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness

    What can I say?  The conference was absolutely wonderful.  I am feeling so alive, and so grateful from this experience! This weekend has reminded my that I am blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.   Life is so amazing and beautiful.  Thank you to all of my teachers and peers, I feel [...]
    DivineKika and Triambika
  • DivineKika speaks at International Tantra Conference in San Diego

    I am honored to be invited to teach among this community.  As you can see, my dear friend Scott Catamas will be opening the conference with a "Love Mastery Workshop" on Thursday evening. Scott was so sweet to make this video testimonial of my work. Check out this video!  Thank you Scott! "13th Annual ISTA [...]
  • Intro to Tantra: with a Special Puja Night! (Singles & Couples)

    This Friday Night: April 25 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Be immersed in rich Tantric traditions, enjoying sensual music, soft aromas & relaxing ambiance, in an uplifting environment. Share gazes, smiles, energy and intimate talk as you meet new people.  This is a welcoming atmosphere for making new friends and deepening your relationship.  Ideal for both singles and [...]
  • Saturday Night … Cupids Revenge! Let your dark side out to play!

    Tonight… Cupids Revenge! Sacred Saturday – March 8th, 2014 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Valentine’s Day is over! Put away the soft pink hearts, and cute love notes. Let’s get a little bit naughty tonight and explore our more erotic desires and fantasies. Let’s dress a bit sexier and let our dark side out to play. Remember […]
  • Are you a desirable man? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

    This one is for the guys … (Ladies share this with the men in your life.)I am sure you know by now that attracting women is not about just flashing your money, getting attention, or making a good impression. Right? These things just don’t last, do they? Becoming a man that women truly desire, is […]
  • Menstruation & PMS Secrets: a Map to Best Sex!

    This video is about PMS and How to Deal with it in a way that makes everyone happy. A BIG solution to resolve the problems associated with PMS once and for all, so that men and women can relate better and in peace. Men: “My wife is driving me nuts, she’s crazy again! Help me!” […]
  • Tantric Sex vs Normal Sex, What is the Difference?

    In his book « The Book of Secrets », Osho explains how Tantric Sex is different from regular sex. To me, Osho is a mystic that brings ancient wisdom from the East to face our modern lives today. I studied the works of Osho since I was 16 years old, and this book has been […]
  • “I Have No Love or Sex in my Relationship!” Learn How to Keep the Romance Alive…

    It is very important that you keep the relationship alive. Make it a loving experience, not just a sexual experience. Helene Rothschild has been counseling singles and couples for more than 30 years. Today she shares the 3 most important tips about what you can do in order to improve your communication with your beloved. […]
  • Perfect Partner Illusion

    This simple video message is for single people and couples, seeking more love in their life and relationships. Whether you are looking for a relationship now, or you are already in one... we can all fall into the trap of wanting a partner that is PERFECT. We want our beloved to: be a good friend, [...]
    Perfect Relationship Illusion - Screen Captuer
  • Bring passion back to your relationship!

    Bring passion back to your relationship! I will show you how! Watch this video about rekindling the passion and bringing back that loving feeling.  If you feel distance from your partner, I will show you a path to come back to one another in love. The years pass by, the chemicals of love seem to […]
  • Love is a renewable resource…

    And it starts with you! Happy New Moon, my sweet friend!  This “Tantra Times” newsletter celebrates something more valuable than gold! LOVE! I am talking about the rebirth of LOVE!  Love as a renewable resource!  There is nothing more sustainable on earth.  You can renew and rebirth love at any moment that you choose and […]
    Bed of Roses
  • Here are 3 tips for experiencing REAL intimacy! :)

    As I am gearing up for our upcoming retreat with Scott Catamas at Harbin’s Oneness Center. I am going over some great material about Sacred Sexuality and Compassionate Communication and wanted to share a little bit with you here! This experience will leave an imprint on your heart, your soul, and your psyche – elevating your awareness […]
    Scott & Kika
  • My Tantric Valentine!

    Making love is making a connection!  You don’t have to have romance or sex to make love!  The sun had been shining off an on again this past month and we are experiencing great connection with the divine as she teases us with warmth.   I hope that you are enjoying some time out in […]
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  • Dangers of Relationships Labeling: How to avoid the question, “Who did I just DO?”

    Ah, the dilemma of labeling yourself in relationship to your beloved(s). There is so much talk about monogamy vs. polyamory and even celibacy.  These labels are sometimes triggers for me in the way that they define and constrict what we are, who we are, and how we are allowed to behave. I have within me […]
  • Love Me and the Moon

    What is it?I am that I amLonging for all my belovedsMy yoni is openWarm, longing, achingDesiring the touchMy body wants the heatThe heart beatThe movementA bit rough. HarderAh the moon is making loveWith me nowSomehow there is a starFor my dearest belovedsWhere we are all dancingMaking love foreverMoaning in the fire of passionBurning then softeningDelicious, […]
  • Trials of a Tantra Superwoman!

    I Am Not A Tantra Superwoman!  Let me tell you the last six months have possibly been the hardest time of my entire life!  You probably know from my previous posts that I severely injured my left ankle about six months ago.  Well, guess what?  Just after ‘New Year’s Eve’ I fell and broke my […]
  • Solstice Blessings to You!

    Beloveds, ​I am sending you waves of love and blessings in this amazing and transformational time. A new you is emerging, now, are you aware? What can you do now to start being in alignment with your life’s purpose?Take a deep breath. Breathe in the earth. Breathe in the heavens. Breathe in the beautiful human […]
  • Season of Transitions

    ​The weather is changing and the season is turning. There is so much more to this time of year than the traditions we were brought up with. There is a deep internal shift that happening within and around us. For many of us, this manifests as a turning inwards and a time of deeper introspection. […]
  • Mediterranean Journey of Healing & Wholeness

    Healing Light of Divine Mother!I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel from Venice to Barcelona on a pilgrimage to many of the historic and sacred sites of this part of our beautiful world. There were challenges along the way since I was travelling with a hurt ankle – in fact, most of the […]
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