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# 1 International Bestseller

In this life-altering books, author and modern-day Tantric master, Divine Kika, will open your mind, body, and heart to a transformative process for how you can create a consistently blissful experience in and out of the bedroom.

Online Courses


Tantric Sex for the Modern Man Course

During the Tantric Sex for the Modern Man course, I will show you how to master your sexuality and what kind of practices are required for you to create a consistently blissful experience in and out of the bedroom.
Not only that but, you will learn how to expand your sexual energy into your partner’s body so that you are sharing life force energy in such a way that you are both entirely fulfilled

Private Session


Meet Kika

A private 90-minute one-on-one video session to help you discover what is holding you back from mastering your sexuality and expand your awareness so you can have everlasting fulfillment and happy, lasting relationships.

For couples or singles.




Tantra Retreat with Kika

  • 1 day, weekend or full week,
  • for couples,
  • in Maui, Tahiti, Brazil

Workshops - Events


Kika is available to speak at events all around the world. Retreat centers, professional conferences, universities, new age & metaphysical expos, yoga events, and many others have booked Kika to present her inspirational teachings in the form of talks, seminars, and deeply transformative experiential workshops.