​Pleasure Your Lover From Head to Toe

A couples journey to greater love, sex and intimacy.

Discover exquisite techniques for showing your

lover what it’s like to be “masterfully pleasured.”

Make no mistake about it, this is a learned skill like anything else! Learning our Tantric techniques (with a few modern twists) that will show you how, when and where to pleasure your lover from head to toe - an awesome experience to share with your partner.

This course also covers topics of compassionate communication. Emotional Intimacy is the greatest aphrodisiac of all. These communication techniques will support greater harmony in all parts of your relationship, not just in the bedroom.

Practice breath, movement and sound to enhance the experience.


  • Learn titillating "Sensual Massage" techniques to increase arousal.
  • Enliven your lovers secret and often overlooked erogenous zones.
  • Learn to ask for what you want to have more pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Learn the things that you never learned in school about sexuality.
  • Embrace sexuality in a new way.
  • Deepen understanding that you deserve love, pleasure and happiness.
  • Quiet your mind to be truly in the moment
  • Be present with your partner to amplify your pleasure in giving & receiving.
  • Embody love, freedom, and positive sexual power with your beloved.
  • Express your sexual desires and fantasies and LISTEN to your lovers' requests.
  • Have fun discovering (re-discovering) your partners body and new ways of feeling.
  • Breathing techniques to control ejaculation and extend orgasm.
  • Enhance the passion and juice in your lovemaking.
  • Receive practical 'take home materials' to practice what you have learned.

NOTE: Adults only and couples only. This will be a safe container for you and your partner to explore sensuality together in a way that is sacred. There are no observers or voyeurs allowed.

There will be demonstrations given by the instructors. This this workshop is about sexual intimacy between two people, not groups.

There will be NO nudity at this event (you may wear a bikini or bedroom attire) and all techniques will be practiced in a way that respects personal boundaries.

Lightly scented oil and floor cushions will be provided. This class will be for no more than eight couples. You will work ONLY with your partner.

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