Mediterranean Journey of Healing & Wholeness

Healing Light of Divine Mother!

I was blessed to have the opportunity to travel from Venice to Barcelona on a pilgrimage to many of the historic and sacred sites of this part of our beautiful world. There were challenges along the way since I was travelling with a hurt ankle – in fact, most of the trip I was wearing a special boot that enabled me to hobble around, and I was in a wheelchair for part of the trip. Needless to say I was dealing with a fair bit of pain throughout my journey and since I was travelling alone, through my journey I found myself asking for help from complete strangers more than I have ever had to before. And, you know, the beautiful thing was that I met so many generous, loving souls along the way that I never would have otherwise. From the first day at the airport to my very last night in Barcelona I was in awe of the kindness and compassion that I was shown as a woman travelling the world.

I visited many temples. The mosque at Istanbul was where I felt the “fire of god”. It brought me to a state of deep knowing that god is everywhere in many different shapes and forms when you are open to receive it. The cathedrals throughout Italy and Spain opened my heart in infinite ways. I felt the power of beauty, love and faith. These ancient monuments demonstrate the power of love and faith in the traditions of the people of these countries. Such breathtaking beauty that transmits the fire of god. The warmth, kindness, and authenticity of the people made me feel like I had come home, like never before. My heart yearns to return to Barcelona.

Of all of the beautiful experiences that I had while away, the most powerful of all was my trip to the House of the Virgin Mary in Turkey. The shrine inside this humble stone home has an air of tranquility and gentleness about it, and inside there is a statue of Mary that has been there for centuries. No photography was allowed inside, so the photo you see here was taken by a fellow traveler with my camera when we emerged into the light.

I was covered in goose bumps when I walked out of this shrine back into the sunlight. My eyes filled with tears and I felt a like I was floating. I remember feeling like I was surrounded in the arms of the divine mother’s love. There was no question in my mind – at that point – that I was in a truly sacred place. This was the last residence of the Virgin Mary. The message that I received is that even when I am alone I am held in love. I am never truly alone, god is everywhere, spirit is with me everywhere I go. I am love. (…and so are you!)


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