Season of Transitions

​The weather is changing and the season is turning. There is so much more to this time of year than the traditions we were brought up with. There is a deep internal shift that happening within and around us. For many of us, this manifests as a turning inwards and a time of deeper introspection. As the colors change in the natural world around us and the blue skies change to cold gray, it is easy to become sad or to feel alone.

​Remember that you are held at all times in the divine light and love of the mother. You are a sacred being and a child of divinity. Take solace in this knowing.

As we move into our individual journeys of change this Fall. Try not to spend too much time alone. There is a community out there for you. Remember to seek out love and care from the world around you. Offer your heart and light to others that are feeling low. Reach out and give without the expectations of any return and you will be blessed thrice-fold!

I am slowing down a little bit this season to focus on inner and outer healing. You may notice that the “” calendar will show fewer events over the coming months. That is because I am following my own guidance to offer one community event per month for the next three months, and to focus on my personal work and with private sessions. I want to take advantage of this transition time to work on what is most important and core to me in my work. I recommend that you might consider doing the same in your own life. What is your inner work? How can you transition gracefully into the coming changes in your life?

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