Love Me and the Moon

What is it?
I am that I am
Longing for all my beloveds

My yoni is open
Warm, longing, aching
Desiring the touch

My body wants the heat
The heart beat
The movement

A bit rough. Harder
Ah the moon is making love
With me now

Somehow there is a star
For my dearest beloveds
Where we are all dancing

Making love forever
Moaning in the fire of passion
Burning then softening

Delicious, slow caresses
With no ending
Then to snuggle

In strong and soft arms
The delicious scent
Juices of love

My body feels it
Here …
… and now

I am the beloved,
the lover, and the love
all here in me

So it is
Every place
I have ever been

Just close my eyes
and I am there
in an instant

With the sounds
The smiles
The feelings

At the ocean
The breeze
Warm water

In my body
with the sunshine
caressing me

Friends, family
the ancestors
My spirit guides

It is all in me
I am that

I am complete
As the moon shines
On my skin

I enjoy
All that I am
… and the longing too

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