Dangers of Relationships Labeling: How to avoid the question, “Who did I just DO?”

Happy Fingers

Ah, the dilemma of labeling yourself in relationship to your beloved(s). There is so much talk about monogamy vs. polyamory and even celibacy.  These labels are sometimes triggers for me in the way that they define and constrict what we are, who we are, and how we are allowed to behave.
I have within me the capacity to CHOOSE any of these paths.  The reality is that I am all of those things at once so I choose to honor what my soul needs at the moment for my soul evolution.  There are no labels that accurately define my way of relating to the world.
I choose to honor my soul and I honor what is for “the highest good” of all my relations.  In each moment I listen to not only my heart – but all of my energy centers (my chakras). I check in with them and if all of them “say yes” it’s usually a “go” as long as I am honoring my agreements as well.  Of course one needs to know ones self in order to not be led by fear.
When making my agreements with others, I ask, “Is this a win / win? Am I at peace with this choice? What do my chakras say about this?” If the answer is no or doesn’t feel harmonious on any of these levels, this is a red flag for me and I know that I must not move forward if I
choose to live in harmony, balance, and peace. So I am actively choosing peace with my agreements as they are made and thus honoring my true self.
I am not perfect… this takes work.
How about you? Are you at peace with your agreements? How do you handle this in your life? Are you putting labels on yourself? Are you at peace with your agreements and are your agreements serving your highest good? Have you found a win  / win? I would love to hear about how these things work for you.
What is integrity, if not following your soul? If you are not at peace with your agreements – how can you change them and still create a win / win?  How do you do this in a way that honors everyone involved? (Especially you!)

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