Here are 3 tips for experiencing REAL intimacy! :)

Scott & KikaAs I am gearing up for our upcoming retreat with Scott Catamas at Harbin’s Oneness Center. I am going over some great material about Sacred Sexuality and Compassionate Communication and wanted to share a little bit with you here! This experience will leave an imprint on your heart, your soul, and your psyche – elevating your awareness and transforming your life and relationships.

Here they are!

Three Tips for REAL Intimacy

1. Connect to yourself:
Lay back and close your eyes. Begin to gently breathe all the way to your belly, allowing your belly to expand.  Exhale, while feeling your own energy moving in and out slowly (in deeply and out completely, long soft inhalations and log soft exhalations).
Place your left hand on your genitals and your right hand on your heart.  Now, inhale all the way to your genitals and exhale through your heart.  As you continue doing this, circulate the energy from your heart to your genitals and allow that energy to travel back up and out with each breath. Do this for several minutes.

2. Presence:
Bring all parts of yourself to this moment. Choose to be totally here, now. Let go of outside things completely. Nothing is more important than being here now (with your beloved, or with yourself). For couples: Look into the eyes of your lover, being completely present to their feelings and needs. Be present to yourself as well.  Feel your body, feel your energetic presence and become aware of your partner’s energetic presence.  Can you meet in the middle without abandoning yourself? This is key.

3. Breath:
Sitting and facing your partner, take a deep breath and then exhale gently.  Now, take another breath all the way to your belly and exhale gently. Synchronize your breathing and begin feeling the energy of your breath pass through your throat, heart, abdomen, bringing the energy all the way to the base of your spine and gentials. Then exhale – keeping the awareness of this breath as it goes back up from the genitals, through the abdomen, heart, and throat. Continue synchronizing until this feels natural and relaxed.

Now as your partner breathes out, breathe them in. Take in your partners energy from their breath and allow it to cycle all the way to your genitals. Stay in sync with one another. As you exhale from your genitals through all of your energy centers back to your partner, they begin to take your energy in – continuing this cycle. Remain aware of your partners presence and energy, and completely allow your partners energy enter you (vise versa). Make this fun and light. Smile, laugh, enjoy. Do this for at least 5 mins.

Before you part, face your partner with hands in front of the heart – palms touching (in namaste / prayer pose) and say “I honor you as an aspect of myself.”  If you are single, I invite you to create this connection with yourself and to circulate this energy with yourself. The benefits are there for you as well. 

I invite you to try these three tips today and let me know how it worked for you!

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