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About Kika…

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Born in Brazil, Alexsandra Marianetti also known as Kika has studied Tantra with internationally recognized teachers: Charles and Caroline Muir, and Margo Anand of Sky-Dancing Tantra and she is a radiant force overflowing with positive energy.  Schedule a private appointment with Kika today.


Specialties: Classes, workshops, and private lessons for single women, single Men, couples looking to deepen their connection, compassionate communication, individuals within relationships.


Kika's work can usher in healing for wounds of all types: spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual. Learn how to expand joy, cultivate more intimacy, and rediscover pleasure within your personal relationships. Deepen the understanding of your sexual energy and how you can use it to experience a life filled with joy and creativity.


Create and expand your fulfillment in life and open you to more powerful and loving relationships. Be supported in learning to really love, honor and respect yourself and others. Become whole by embracing who you truly are.


Be guided to a heart-opening, blissful, authentic Tantric experience and practice.  Her classes, workshops, and private lessons help to create and expand personal fulfillment and enable you to cultivate more powerful and loving relationships.  Be supported in learning to love, honor and respect your true self as well as others from you heart and abdomen (body) – broadening your understanding of human sexuality from a physical and spiritual perspective.  Realize that we are all spiritual beings and for most of us, sexual expression is essential to wholeness – vital to our very existence. 



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About offers tantra classes, community gatherings, sacred sexuality workshops (and playshops), retreats, special events, and private instruction. Individuals and couples interested in exploring, or furthering a Tantric practice should sign up for our mailing list today, check our calendar for an upcoming event, or make an appointment for private instruction.

It is our vision to bring Tantric teachings to the world, starting with our local community, and through personal connection.  All are welcome!  Whether you are a beginning student or advanced practitioner, Kika's rich teachings are inspired, and deeply transformative.  Restore the love in your relationships, amplify your inner light to attract your true love or rediscover your sense of purpose and passion in your relationship to yourself. 

Be reawakened and enlivened through this ancient wisdom that will surely enhance your life, and the lives of those who know you!

Kika often hosts gatherings in her home area of Los Gatos, California to bring deep levels of teaching, healing, celebration, and community connection.  Special events and retreats are held other beautiful locations, all around the world. (Please see our calendar for details about upcoming events and Travel.)

Teacher and healer Kika is available to travel to virtually anywhere in the world for sponsored teaching events at your retreat center, resort, festival, conference, yoga studio and more.  She is also available to travel for groups of 20 or more, to other private locations.  Please feel free to browse the events and services pages to get a greater sense of what she has to offer, or schedule a private appointment and Kika can create a special event to suit your needs.  Inquire for details about booking on Kika's contact page.

We welcome you to explore this website to learn more about Tantra and how Kika's sacred work can help you to transform your life to one filled with love, passion, health and happiness in all that you do!

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