Private Tantra Retreat in Maui

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Come to Maui for a Private Retreat with Kika

Total Immersion for Couples and Singles…

Expereince a total immersion Tantra retreat designed just to suit you. Stay with me at a special private retreat in Maui, nestled in the beautiul slopes of Haleakala, Maui’s dormant volcano, overlooking 30 miles of untouched Hawaiian coastline.

This sacred land has four beautiful private pools where you can cool off and exercise a exotic surroundings. The facility also features five hot tubs and an infra-red sauna where you can relax anytime of day.

Be refreshed and nurtured by eating only healthy organic foods grown and prepared just for you to enjoy. All of the fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, sprouts and honey are made and grown right on the land where you will be staying. This retreat is cooled beautifully by the trade winds in the summer which is a wonderful time to visit, unlike Kihei, Wailea and Lahaina, the places in Maui where most of the hotels are. The entire facility is bathed in ocean tradewinds and negative ions from the 200 foot waterfall just below.

Plenty of areas to play and relax and be completely free!

​Singles and Couples retreats are for couples seeking to learn moe about how to create greater, love, sex, and intimacy.  These are tailor-made three day weekend retreats and seven day getaway packages just for you! (Group packages available as well!)

One paid private session is required in advance to get to know you (or you and your partner) in order to plan your retreat together. This can be a phone, Skype or face to face appointment.

A private Tantric retreat in Maui will help to bring greater joy and awareness to you and to your relationships and will transform the ordinary parts of your lives into amazing experiences.  Come have a magical time celebrating who you are as n individual or together as a couple and create a higher vision of who you are becoming!

​The Tantric Relationship and Love Coaching you receive will deepen your awareness and capacity for love and heart connection, and create a powerful and positive experience that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Enter your information now and tell me about your vision of a perfect Hawaiian retreat!

  • Accelerate your evolution by learning about and letting go of the things that are holding you back from love
  • Create a foundation to bring, build, and manifest loving, healthy, and fulfilling relationships (or increase connection and intimacy between couples)
  • Explore your sexuality
  • Learn the cutting edge tools of sacred sexual healing
  • Learn tools of breath, movement, sound and visualization to increase awareness and pleasure, leading to an ecstatic life
  • Become a magnet for happy, loving, fulfilling interactions with all of those in your life!
  • Expand your heart to have more pleasure, fun, and love in your life!

PLEASE NOTE:  Kika’s Tantric practice and services deal with topics of relationship, sexuality, love, communication, and spirituality.

​However Kika is NOT an escort and does NOT provide any sexual services, favors, sexual touch, or Tantric massage under any circumstances EVER.



  • Andy and Kathy Jul 30, 2014

    Please say hello. We’d love to know a little more about the possibility of staying at your property and participating in some class or couples instruction. We will be in Maui late September, Arriving on Sunday the 28th and departing on the following Tuesday or Wednesday.


  • Sharna Mar 15, 2016

    Hi there,

    My boyfriend and I are doing a five day dance therapy workshop in Maui from the 22-27 of May and on either side would like to explore tantric sex in some capacity. We probably only have two days free. I’m not sure if there is some program you could offer us. We’d be very interested if there was. Perhaps an coupkes consult or two?
    Many thanks,

  • noah, nand Jun 28, 2016

    growth transformation, learning, expanding my awearness,

  • noah, nand Jun 28, 2016


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