Puja Night


Tantric Puja​

Come and enjoy an evening of sacred connection in a safe and nurturing way.

This is a welcoming atmosphere for making new friends and connections, or to spend a lovely evening with your partner.  You will be immersed in our rich traditions, enjoying sensual music, soft aromas & a relaxing ambiance.  Release the need to define and step into the living wisdom of the moment.

Our Tantric ‘Puja’ is a special ritual with active and experiential meditations for couples and singles.  This ceremony infuses beautiful music with expressive group activities designed to generate positive energy and raise our awareness to a higher state of consciousness.  During this ritual you praise and honor the divine presence in others and you in turn are praised and honored.  This practice allows you to fully immerse yourself in the infinite joy that surrounds you in this moment and at all times creating only virtue with every action.

Tantra recognizes the female principle as being equal to the male, an important step and necessary step in the cultivation of sexual energy for magical and spiritual purposes between the sexes.  These sacred gatherings are designed for deep and blissful moments of healing between genders, gender role identity, and offer greater integration and connection between these polarities.  

Pujas are ideal for both singles, couples, and great for beginners as well. Committed Partners may opt to perform all of the rituals with each other only.  This event is gender balanced, so please register early to guarantee your space.

  • Share gazes, smiles, energy and intimate talk as you rotate from partner to partner.
  • Establish a sacred heart space
  • Connect with other others from a powerful place of heart connected presence
  • Follow your partner's energy and ‘attune’ to them
  • Initiate the experience of sensual Tantric Touch
  • Connect your personal sexual energy with your spiritual energy
  • Heal past traumas
  • Increase awareness of energy centers in the body
  • Honor and love yourself as well as those around you

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