The Tantra Class Experience

​The Tantra Class Experience

Activities may include:

  • Fun activities like dancing, laughing and playing
  • Co-Creating a room of respect, love, safety, and trust
  • Allowing yourself and encouraging others to feel and express deeply held feelings with more ease and grace
  • Looking into the eyes of others in the group, sharing love through the eyes and allowing yourself to be "truly seen"
  • Clear negative energies, invoke spiritual guidance
  • Moments of deep personal sharing (one on one, or group sharing)
  • Lots of opportunities for sweet, loving connection, tenderness and fun
  • Expanding the love and light within you
  • Partner and small group exercises for emotional and spiritual healing
  • Seated, guided, or dance meditation
  • Raising & lowering personal energy with through breathwork
  • Identify where energy is ‘stuck’ and release it in a healthy way
  • Practice more awareness of your ‘energy body’ and chakras
  • Awaken the sacred energy centers of your body
  • Experience a real sense of expanding love, bliss and ecstasy
  • Learn practical tools and techniques to express sexual energy
  • Move energy throughout your entire being and to apply this in your everyday life
  • Tools for enhancing your pleasure and sexual life
  • Methods for expanding the length and magnitude of orgasm

We have planned a night of sacred love, light, healing, fulfillment and fun just for you.  You do not have to be in a perfectly happy space to join us.  We welcome you to come as you are and invite you to have an intention to be present and allow your heart to open!

Arrive about a half hour early and register at the door.  Mingling and quiet conversation are welcome at this time.  Bring the exact amount in cash if you can.  Credit cards are okay, but take a little longer – so please be patient.  If you have prepaid 24 hours before the event we will have your name on the list at the door. This makes the check in experience faster.

After signing in, we welcome you to take a deep breath and come through the door.  Know that you are entering into a sacred space with the energy of love welcoming you. Let go of your day as best as you are able and enter into a comfortable, warm, gently lit room, with soothing meditative music.

Our engaging Tantric exercises and practices are designed to guide you to be completely present, opening your heart to a deeper connection with yourself and others. You deepen awareness and understanding of your own feelings, and discover how to feel safe to show your emotions.  You also become aware of where emotions are in your body and how to move, amplify or release them.

Through this experience you will feel more connected, uplifted, relaxed and full of life force energy. It is our desire that you will have a sense of fulfillment and well being, now connected to a wonderful community that wants to create love and happiness just like you.



  • Deepen your knowledge of Tantra
  • Learn more about your energy flow and the energy flow between yourself and others
  • Find your deeper self-love and discover your true power
  • Enhance your ability to share love and pleasure
  • Add strength to your existing or future love relationship
  • Meet others interested in Tantra, mingle and enjoy meaningful conversations, and explore opportunities for community
  • Have FUN with like-minded people in a comfortable, respectful, sacred environment

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