Are you a desirable man? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

This one is for the guys ... (Ladies share this with the men in your life.)

I am sure you know by now that attracting women is not about just flashing your money, getting attention, or making a good impression. Right? These things just don't last, do they? Becoming a man that women truly desire, is not just about "standing out from the pack" either. It is about getting on your path towards true bliss and becoming the fulfilled and empowered man that you were born to be.

As a relationship coach over for over 10 years, one of the most common complaints that I hear from single and married women alike is about how their men have become dis-impassioned, unmotivated, and are no longer "emotionally available". You know, the truth is that when a man doesn't feel fulfilled and personally empowered, he will often get into patterns of behavior to numb the senses by meeting only his more temporal needs. (Making money, buying material things, having sex, consuming food, using alcohol or marijuana, watching porn, masturbating, etc.) This is nothing to be ashamed about guys, we all have ways of escaping from our pain and unhappiness sometimes. Women would do well to realize the pressure that you are under as a man living in these challenging times.

I would like to suggest that if you find yourself feeling dissatisfied with your a day to day rut, are struggling with cycles of addiction, or you are facing other destructive (counter-productive) behaviors, perhaps it is time to stop making excuses for yourself and get clear and strong on your path. Perhaps it is time to get in touch with something that many men are not, that is your sense of true purpose.

Some of the symptoms of living "off purpose" and without a true vision are:
1. Communication with your partner has become abrupt and not very kind.
2. Seeking sexual satisfaction outside of your core relationship.
3. Turning to addictions, base desires.
4. Easy to anger and feelings of intense frustration.

Many of my male clients tell me that the everyday demands of work, finances, family life, and relationships, are very draining and affect their feelings of self worth. The unfortunate truth is that many men become out of touch with themselves and their emotions and most of them did not start out that way! They started out passionate and full of dreams, but the world seemed to drain that away.

I have had the pleasure of helping men to discover what is truly fulfilling in their life (right now) and to get back in touch with their inspiration and aspirations! As you (men) rediscover who are you and where you want to go in life (this might include your career, relationships, physical well-being, spirituality, hobbies, philosophy, etc.) it is amazing how quickly you become revitalized! I believe that a truly empowered man is also in touch with their emotions and personal energy, guided by a strong and clear vision of themselves in context with their relationship with the world. Personal empowerment is so much more than just setting goals and achieving them or becoming financially successful!

Having a "vision" means being in touch with your sense of purpose in life. I have witnessed over and over again how men with a clear and passionate vision quickly begin to feel good about themselves again and make positive changes in their lives. When you get on the path to discovering your vision, there is no more need to pretend that you are something that you are not. Living in your vision will outwardly reflect who you really are and as a result you will naturally become more charismatic and attractive to women (and in all of your relationships). I can tell you that there is nothing more attractive than an emotionally aware man that believes in himself and knows how to move towards creating powerful results in the world.

As you learn to share your vision (especially with the woman in your life or your partner) in a way that conveys your confidence and passion, (not with logical facts) you will be surprised by the powerful responses and results! When you are no longer afraid to share your vision with the world, it will energize both you and those around you - especially in your most intimate relationships.

When you feel great about yourself and your place in life, you can't help but show that that to the world. The world will reflect and return that back to you in so many ways.

Shine your light!
~ Kika

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