“I Have No Love or Sex in my Relationship!” Learn How to Keep the Romance Alive…

It is very important that you keep the relationship alive. Make it a loving experience, not just a sexual experience.

Helene Rothschild has been counseling singles and couples for more than 30 years. Today she shares the 3 most important tips about what you can do in order to improve your communication with your beloved.

Question: “I feel disconnected; my partner refuses to have sex with me! What can I do?”
Helene’s answers:

  1. Have a date night every week for quality time; keep the relationship alive.
  2. Meet once a week at a prearranged time to clear any resentment; because resentments are bites that hold on, and they will block your love.
  3. Get the habit of telling your intentions, sharing your feelings.

How to clear resentments: “Honey, I want to be close to you. Let’s sit down, talk about and release whatever is blocking us from being close…”
How to share your intentions: “My intention is to make love to you tonight, if that’s what you want too”. So let’s take a bath together, let’s massage each other…”

Also, remember to take care of your physical body because you need to keep yourself attractive, not only for your own self-esteem and your heath, but also for the relationship. Keep the romance alive!

Find out more about Helene’s powerful tips on relationships and self-esteem here:

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