DivineKika speaks at International Tantra Conference in San Diego

I am honored to be invited to teach among this community.  As you can see, my dear friend Scott Catamas will be opening the conference with a “Love Mastery Workshop” on Thursday evening. Scott was so sweet to make this video testimonial of my work.

Check out this video!  Thank you Scott!

“13th Annual ISTA Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness”  May 2nd – 4th

As you can see, I will be speaking on Saturday Afternoon! Are you ready to take your sex and consciousness to the next level? Here’s your chance!

13th Annual ISTA Conference program

The inspired organizers at ISTA are on a quest to generate more-love, deeper-connections, and happier lives. Gifted teachers and leading educators on sexuality and consciousness are being gathered together to share their powerful secrets of how to bring conscious loving to a higher level. Come to beautiful San Diego and immerse yourself in the knowledge of these extraordinary people who are helping to transform our culture. I feel very honored to be working among them.

Conference location:

Marina Village Conference Center,

1936 Quivira Way

San Diego CA 92109

The ISTA Spring Conference is a gathering place for like-minded individuals.  Join experts in their fields as they share their knowledge, learn new tools and synthesize the energies of sacred mind, sacred body, sacred spirit, sacred heart and sacred emotion.

Synthesis goes beyond polarity and creates new opportunities to love and be free. Meet your next mate, seed your next project.  You do not want to miss this special gathering bringing 12 years of education around sexuality and consciousness to a new level.

ISTA is a non-profit organism serving as a resource and network for those who share a vision of love and harmony here on earth.  In addition to facilitating educational conferences, training and workshops in over 50 countries, ISTA works with charitable organizations to globalize healthy sexuality and expanded consciousness through collaborations and co-sponsored programs.


I look forward to seeing you at this weekend of expansion, education, and celebration.



Divine Kika

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