Kika’s Review of – the 13th Annual ISTA Spring Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness

What can I say?  The conference was absolutely wonderful.  I am feeling so alive, and so grateful from this experience!

This weekend has reminded my that I am blessed to have so many amazing people in my life.   Life is so amazing and beautiful.  Thank you to all of my teachers and peers, I feel like I have been reminded why I am here in this life.

A few reflections…

Love flows through us all so deeply.  The work that we do, on the spiritual path of Tantra is so valuable – it is an important part of the healing that this planet needs.  This mission of healing the earth is huge and there is so much to be done on this path.  I have realized again that love is infinite and cannot be confined within the self, to one city, or to one country.  Every human is capable of being filled with an all-over, free-flowing love – with freedom under our wings, to keep us truly alive and happy.  We are all free beings – and when we fully live in our power and conscious awareness … we experience what it is to be truly present with no fragments lost or left behind.  This is the most powerful place to be and the most potent place to come from when doing the work of love and healing.

Seeing my beloved teachers, long time friends and past lovers opened up all kinds of feelings – especially witnessing the love freely given and received throughout the weekend.  The ISTA conference was a fantastic experience.  I have great respect the organizers and their vision to bring so many teachers and leaders together.  They are an extraordinary group of people with loving hearts, strong sensuality and a rare kind of tenderness.  What a powerful family of teachers, gurus and angels on earth who are bringing profound awakening to the world and to my life.  Such beautiful mirrors.  I am filled with deep gratitude for having such beautiful reflections of love.  I feel honored to have them in my life.

There are so many of us in the TANTRA tribe and I know deep in the core of my being that we have been doing this work and will continue this work for many life times.  Ahhh! This sweet life…

I can feel Spirit guiding my steps, helping me to live in the truth of Tantra.  This experience has made me feel more open and aware while walking on this beautiful path of love.  I am reminded that my soul and my heart know it all.  I just need to surrender to them and do my work … and what a lovely job that is.

Love to you all!


PS. I have shared a lot of photos of the conference on my Facebook Page, come check it out.

Author of “10 Tantric Sex Secrets”

Divine Kika talks with Triambika

Above: Love coach and Tantra Master, Divine Kika talks with Triambika, founder of The Ecstatic Awareness Institute at the 13th Annual ISTA Spring Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness in San Diego CA.

Divine Kika talks with Frank Mondeose

Above: Love coach and Tantra Master, Divine Kika talks with Frank Mondeose (see: ) helping formulate a new vision for healthy sexuality and relationships in a modern time!
On location at the 13th Annual ISTA Spring Conference of Sexuality & Consciousness in San Diego Ca.

I am in love with life once again
I am open – wide open
I am alive, I am
I love, I do
I wait, I go get it
I surrender
I take, I get
I love fully
My path is the path of love!
I am the Love and the Beloved

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