Start Right! How to Build Healthy Relationships with Tantra

For the Intermediate Level –
Couples and Singles welcomed – 


This Friday, May 23rd | 7:00pm – 9:30 pm

Build the Foundation is designed to help students start relationships on the right foot. This class will help you avoid the awkwardness of the dating scene. Whether you want a casual, serious or open relationship, this class will help you build the exact relationship you want.

You will learn what questions to ask, as well as what to say at the beginning. This will develop solid relationships, safe relationships, and keep you both looking in the same direction, while diminishing confusion. It’s about setting your intentions with each other. Essentially, you will both know what you want and walk forward with your heart open and ready to go. Honoring and respecting each other from the outset.

Also, with these techniques, you will avoid the awkward questions, such as: “Does he like me?” “Does she really want me to hang out with her?” “Should I call him?” “Why isn’t she calling me back?” You will gain methods that will take all of those questions and resolve them before you even start.

* You will learn how to manage your own energy

* You will discover how to voice your boundaries in a positive way, so you can open your heart to your partner and vice versa.

* You will build connections that matter

This class will make you feel strong and capable. You will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can build relationships that matter with anyone you choose to date.

Get Your Tickets Today!  Spaces are limited.  

Get ready for Summer Fun Now!

I hope to see you soon…love and blessings!
~ Kika

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