Improve Your Love Life – Forever!

Private appointments with Divine Kika will empower you on your path to bliss.  Express and embody the passion of your heart and heal every aspect of your being.  Uncover new levels of intimacy in your relationships, personal and professional life.  Begin your journey towards  realizing your innate sacredness and awaken to divine love.


Kika’s loving guidance is available for men, women, and couples.


  • Rediscover the purity in love and pleasure
  • Break free of unhealthy patterns
  • Express who you really are
  • Identify what you truly desire
  • Experience the bliss that is your divine birthright


Your private Tantra session will be safe, uplifting, inspiring, and nothing less than sacred. You will be receive, Tantric tools and techniques, nutritional guidance, and life-changing practices to easily integrate into your life.  Find yourself again and your source of energy within. Even a single 60 minute session can create positive & powerful change.  Also – ask about creating custom-tailored, ‘6 Week Tantra Package’ made especially for you.


SCHEDULE TODAY – and receive 30 minutes free on your first appointment.


Note: This feature is for mature spiritual seekers. This is legitimate coaching of an intimate nature. Serious inquiries only.


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Sensual Couples Yoga 2
Sensual Couples Yoga 5 600
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