Why Tantra?

Why Tantra?

Tantra guides you to become completely present and to open your heart to deeper connection with yourself and others.  Simply put, all emotions live in the body.  Tantra will entrain you to become more attuned with your sacred energy centers, awakening your chakras with your life force energy.  Expanding your awareness and understanding of your energy body and true feelings will enable you express your authentic self.

“But, what about Tantric sex?”  Tantra reconnects you to your power bringing about sexual awakenings.  It is not just about “how to pleasure yourself and your partner”.  Tantra opens the door to ecstasy and divine union, awakening the ecstatic nature that is in all of us.  Transform your sexual energy into spiritual energy and in turn sex becomes a sacred act.

We view sex as a divine healing force at the core our beings.  Once we stop resisting and learn to embrace this force, we begin to manifest the successful, happy and powerful lives we have always dreamed of.  When your sexual energy is dormant or blocked, your life is affected. You are more prone to stress, judgment, limited thinking, depression, negativity, fluctuating emotions,

and difficulty in concentrating.  Conversely, when your sexual energy is able to flow freely and moves into spiritual consciousness, you are infused with the fullness of your own life force.  Your heart will open wide, your ability to love deepens, and you become more alert and intuitive.

Tantra is a sacred path.  When you perceive yourself, your body, your energy as sacred, you naturally perceive your partner(s) in the same way.  You can experience greater balance for yourself and your relationships by embodying both your feminine and your masculine energy.  Whether you are single, dating or in a partnership, Tantra will bring you greater joy and vitality, which you can channel into all areas of your life.

Not only does tantra teach you profound energy awareness, but you also learn the skills to communicate your choices and desires compassionately.  Compassionate communication means that you are able to listen well and be heard clearly (and feel heard) as you and your partner open yourselves to one another like never before.  Tantra increases your ability to be present and fully conscious for yourself and for others.

Imagine how you would feel if you felt powerful and sexually alive every day and then channeled that energy (in positive and beneficial ways) to every area of your life!  This internal strength, generates more energy and love to share (with lovers, partners, family, coworkers and even yourself.)

Come taste the sweet nectar of Tantra!  Create deeper intimacy and closer relationships in your life; learn the importance of breath and energy awareness; practice open and compassionate communication; experience loving touch and better foreplay; transform ordinary sex into sacred sex; master ejaculation control and the discover the key to multiple / extended orgasm; and so much more.  Bring more of the juice, playfulness, and ecstasy into your life and to all of your relationships.

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