Tantra Lounge – with TJ Bartel – Ep. 9

On this episode, Kika interviews TJ Bartel. TJ is an author, love coach, relationship expert and Tantra master. This episode is a MUST SEE for any of the guys out there that are new to Tantra! TJ shares some juicy wisdom on how to take your first steps into learning the art of Tantra, and being that kind of man that a woman desires!


  • divinekika Mar 23, 2015

    Great episode. Really great energy between us and I love the playful way that we interview. Informative and fun!

  • Ralph Mar 27, 2015

    What he says from minute 38 onward is quite amazing ! Both on how the men and the women interact at first and then later, which can result breakdown. Pretty insightful and amazing theories.

    Thank you for this talk.

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