Choose BLISS

If you’re like many of clients, you yearn for the secret to unlocking bliss, both in and out of the bedroom.

What if I told you the secret comes down to one thing. Choice.

I often teach to my clients during their 1:1 sessions with me and in my workshops that Tantra is choosing with consciousness that which makes you blissful. This may come as a surprise to you since so much what has been shared about Tantra is caught up in a widely dispersed myth that it is focused only on specific sexual practices.

Tantric Sex can be healing, transformational, and transcend all that is. It is a pathway for the modern man (and woman) to tap into:
● Your true essence
● Connect with your soul’s purpose
● Bring you into alignment with yourself and others
● Expand and energize your personal healing
● Open and charge every cell in your body
● Honor the temple of your soul so deeply that you are truly awakened.
















What does all of this do for you in terms of a better and more fulfilling relationship with yourself and your partner? I believe that deep down inside us, we all long for nurturing, fulfilling relationships. Ultimately, what we desire is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fulfillment. We actively seek moments when we are able to truly connect with another human being.

That connection can be someone with whom we share a deep love or even a part of ourselves that we never knew. These are the moments when we are the happiest and blissful. In essence, that is what your journey through Tantra is all about: discovering true happiness and fulfillment through our connections on a soul-level.

From my heart to yours.
Divine Kika
If what you read here resonates and you are ready to make a conscious choice to experience more bliss in all areas of your life, I want to hear from you. I currently have some 1:1 spots available. There is a minimum requirement of two one-hour sessions at $250 an hour. Message me and I will provide you details and a questionnaire to fill out to determine if we are a good fit.

My new book and online course titled, “Tantric Sex for the Modern Man”, are set for release in October. If you’d like to get a jumpstart on some of the material please be sure to visit and download your FREE copy of “10 Tantric Sex Secrets”.




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