What is the difference between Tantric Sex and regular sex? It’s one of the most frequent questions I receive when I first work with my clients and when I facilitate my workshops.

Regular (non-tantric) sex is about excitement leading to a peak, which is a orgasm. When you tip over the top of the mountain, what’s left for you to do but fall down again?

For example, if you’re a man who focuses just on the peak when that tension is released, and you may fall into sleep. Yet, your partner may just be getting going. Now what?













During non-Tantric sex, all you can do to feel more pleasure is to try and extend the time of excitement. Despite a desire for extending pleasure, for most men the focus of sex remains on the climax. The time of the actual ejaculation, though, is short, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

The focus on getting to the ejaculation, then, takes you out of being present with your lover. This taints the experience because you are not fully attuned to your own enjoyment in the moment or your partner’s.

Although Tantric Sex starts the same as regular sex, it leads to a completely different outcome. I invite you to see Tantric Sex as a daily ritual like a prayer, a joyful meditation. Here, you are no longer fixated on the climax.

Instead of reaching a “peak orgasm”, you can enter the infinite realm of “valley orgasm” as Osho calls it. This valley can last for hours. That state of orgasm can lead to spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

Zen uses the door of emptiness and Yoga uses the door of movement control, Tantra, as a spiritual path, teaches that we all are spiritual beings and sexual expression is a vital part of who we are.

When you are fulfilled and happy within yourself you generate such an amazing vibration that the whole world feels your joy-filled energy. On a metaphysical level, you are brightening your light, keeping your spirit lifted and healing the world all at one time.

From my heart to yours.
Divine Kika
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