Men: Guage Your Self-Worth and Live a Truly Fulfilling Life

What does it mean to be an amazing modern man? Having a lot of money? Driving a luxury vehicle? Sporting designer clothes? Wearing a lofty title at work? Achieving a major business goal? A rock-hard, chiseled body? Maintaining a prolonged erection while engaged in sex with your partner?

While enjoying a prosperous life and achieving one’s goals is nice, it does not guarantee inner peace, happiness, or fulfillment.

In fact, for many men achieving success can often mean the opposite. When a man is driven by unhealthy and unbalanced masculine aspects, he is unconsciously contributing to an unfulfilled lifestyle.








For a man who has detached himself from his emotions, this fulfillment is perplexing because he doesn’t understand how his worldly success has left him feeling empty inside. If you can relate to this, you’re not alone. I see this not only in my research on a society wide level, but it’s expressed by many of my male clients when they first come to me for 1:1 private sessions.

For generations men have been conditioned to gauge their self-worth through outside pursuits and conquests, including their partners. It’s not that men shouldn’t strive to be successful, have a loving companion, and enjoy healthy, sexual experiences. All of that is quite wonderful. Where things get dark and gloomy for most men is when outside pursuits trump the inner knowing of one’s true self-worth.

After 15 years of conducting private sessions, retreats and workshops with men, women and couples on improving their self-worth and expressing a healthy emotional and sexual energy, I began a process of adjusting the ancient techniques of Tantra Yoga with my clients.

Since then, I’ve applied these new techniques and approach with over a 250+ men. The results have been astonishing and became the basis of my upcoming book and online course titled, “Tantric Sex for Modern Man”.

For today’s modern man, this new approach I am sharing presents an incredible opportunity to see the source of his fulfillment and begin to reclaim his manhood and power when and where it matters most. Let me explain what this means.

Unaware of what is truly missing in his life, a man disconnected from his true, authentic self seeks to fill this insatiable inner void by repeating the same errors of his past. What he discovers is that no matter how much money, success, or sex he has, seeking fulfillment from the outside world leaves him feeling lost, frustrated, and unloved.
When a man opens his mind, body, and heart up to his true, authentic self, he doesn’t have to wait for some far off future date to reclaim his power. He can begin doing it right now. By giving himself permission to start connecting with his deeper self he can master his sexuality and finally, know what it is like to live a truly fulfilling life; from the inside out.

From my heart to yours.
Divine Kika
The book and online course for “Tantric Sex for the Modern Man” are set for release in October. If you’d like to get a jumpstart on some of the material please be sure to visit HYPERLINK
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