The #1 thing Successful Men are doing to Sabotage their Joy and Fulfillment?

Do you know the #1 thing successful men are doing to sabotage their joy and fulfillment?

In my work, I am blessed to come in contact with many beautiful, successful and powerful men. On the surface, these men appear to have it all, yet inside they are lonely and seemingly unable to create the one thing they want the most…Sustained fulfillment.

For all the wealth and success they attract, they routinely compromise their fulfillment because of one of these states:


There are four states of a wounded man.
1. Victim
2. Prosecutor
3. Perpetrator
4. Rescuer

Any aspect of you that is Victim, Prosecutor, Perpetrator or Rescuer is an expression of powerlessness. Any part of you that feels powerless is because you’re telling a story of being incomplete. Most of this is unconscious.

These stories produce a life-long cycle of suffering. The life force of these men is being consumed through negativity and destroyed through the eyes of unworthiness. This is precisely where the meaning of sex has been distorted.
















For many modern men, material accomplishments and even sex is experienced as a temporary band aid for an unfulfilling life. It’s a story of lack and suffering told through the stories of a wounded man.

When you forgot how amazing you are, you also forgot that something as sacred as sex is the celebration for when everything is already good. Your approach to intimacy, then, and other areas of your life, is planned for from an unconscious story of victimhood that things won’t work out well for you.

Guru Nithyananda says, “When you plan your life, you should plan from the things and experiences you did really well. The parts of you that did well, not from where you are now, not from your powerlessness. Plan your life from the times you did your best.”

If you plan your life around what you can’t do or believe you should not do, this only creates more stress, producing a sense of loss and incompleteness. This is part of the victim story. It is a story that separates you from your power, and robs you of the fulfillment that self-love delivers to all areas of your life.

One way to correct this separation and sense of victimhood is cognition. It is an understanding and feeling – that you are enough. It is here that you open yourself to the infinite power of self-love.

When you look at a situation that is rooted in trauma through the eyes of self-love, you are now complete with that situation. Through the eyes of self-love you can be complete with any situation that shows up where you once perceived yourself as a victim.

From my heart to yours.
Divine Kika
Are you ready to look at your wounded stories through the eyes of compassion and self-love?
Not only do victim stories direct and sabotage the lives of so many amazing men, but it’s happening unconsciously. I want to put to put a stop this.
I am sure if you can relate to having success in life, but not being fulfilled, you’d like to put a stop to this as well. If so, message me and I will provide you details and a questionnaire to fill out to determine if we are a good fit. I have a minimum requirement of two one-hour sessions at $250 an hour.





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