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We all want to have great sex, let’s just say it. There is nothing wrong with wanting that with that someone special. If you are looking help to deepen your connections, improve your communications, and bring you not only greater sex, but lasting love and intimacy – then you have come to the right place.

Many of us find that no matter how we try, we still struggle to have kind of relationships & lovemaking that we yearn for. DivineKika can help you break out of the rut you are in and start creating the life you want. Through educational talks, fun community events, relationship workshops, private tantra coaching lessons, and sensual travel retreats all around the world – you can at last discover the deepest levels of love, intimacy and union that your soul has been seeking.

Let DivineKika help you to re-ignite your inner fire, restore your love and passion, and create the kind of life that you have always dreamed of. Begin your journey to desire today by taking a look around our site, dont hesitate to contact us if you have any question, and be sure to sign up for our events mailing list to keep in touch. Thank you.

What are we all about?

Many western people think that Tantra is just about sex or sexuality, but that is just scratching the surface. Tantra is not just about sex, it is actually a path of meditation that uses your body and the senses to connect with your divinity and experience life more fully.  Tantra is a meditative and spiritual path (like Zen or Yoga) that uses sexuality as a door to greater awareness. Tantra teaches that we all are spiritual beings and sexual expression is a vital part of who we are.

DivineKika.com offers tantra classes, community gatherings, sacred sexuality workshops (and playshops), retreats, special events, and private instruction. Individuals and couples interested in exploring, or furthering a Tantric practice should sign up for our mailing list today, check our calendar for an upcoming event, or make an appointment for private instruction.

​It is our vision to bring Tantric teachings to the world, starting with our local community, and through personal connection.  All are welcome!  Whether you are a beginning student or advanced practitioner, Kika’s rich teachings are inspired, and deeply transformative.  Restore the love in your relationships, amplify your inner light to attract your true love or rediscover your sense of purpose and passion in your relationship to yourself.

Be reawakened and enlivened through this ancient wisdom that will surely enhance your life, and the lives of those who know you! We welcome you to explore this website to learn more about Tantra and how Kika’s sacred work can help you to transform your life to one filled with love, passion, health and happiness in all that you do!

Kika – Alexsandra Marianetti Bio:

Kika was born in Brazil with a natural gift for spiritual healing and was drawn to Tantra from an early age. She has studied with internationally recognized teachers (such as Charles and Caroline Muir, and Margo Anand of Sky-Dancing Tantra) and many other well known figures in the world of western Tantra. She carries within her soul an amazing variety of experiences – blending spiritual and philosophical teachings from many different cultures from around the globe.

Kika is a radiant force, overflowing with positive energy who guides students to a heart-opening, blissful, authentic Tantric experience and practice. Her seminars, classes, workshops, and private lessons help to create and expand personal fulfillment and enable individuals to cultivate more powerful and loving relationships. Students are supported in learning to love, honor and respect their true selves as well as others from their heart and abdomen (body) – broadening their understanding of human sexuality from a physical and spiritual perspective. Kika teaches that we all are spiritual beings and for most of us, sexual expression is essential to wholeness – vital to our very existence. Sexuality is sacred!

Kika’s profound gifts usher in healing for wounds of all types: spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual. Through her teachings, students learn how to expand joy, cultivate more intimacy, and rediscover pleasure within their personal relationships. Deepen the understanding of your sexual energy and how you can use it to experience a life filled with joy and creativity.

Tantra is for everyone…

Men, women,couples, singles, all orientations and relationship types.

DivineKika Tantra may be for you if:

  • You are happy in your life and want to become your highest potential.
  • You are in a relationship and want to improve communication or to rekindle your passion.
  • You desire greater sex, love and intimacy.
  • You want to really feel love, and know that you are seen, heard, and understood.
  • You feel that you are not fully loving yourself, and want to break free of negative patterns.
  • Relationships are not very happy, or as happy as you would like.
  • Lasting love and / or happiness is evasive.
  • You have a low sex drive and you want to improve it.
  • You repress your sexual energy or feel guilt and shame about sex.

Kika has supported thousands of people (couples and individuals) around the globe to awaken their divine love and uncover new levels of intimacy in their relationships and personal lives. Kika can teach you the essential and most life changing practices of Tantra in just a few short private sessions, or through her classes, retreats, and workshops. She has witnessed over and over how Tantra changes lives as people learn to truly love themselves, recognize divinity within and realize that the love they are looking for in the world, is already within!

Begin your journey towards the deep realization of your innate bliss. Rediscover the purity in love and pleasure. Your time with Kika will be safe, uplifting, inspiring, and nothing less than sacred. Break free of unhealthy patterns that block you from expressing who you really are, what you really desire, and keep you from experiencing the happiness that is your divine birthright.

Our events and activities are designed to:

  • Increase your overall vitality and passion (sexual desire).
  • Improve confidence with your body & with your lovemaking.
  • Reduces stress & negative feelings.
  • Create more intimacy with your partner, and better  communication.
  • Rekindle your Passion for life & discover your true power!
  • Bring personal fulfillment within before seeking it in relationship with others.
  • Encourage you to shine your light more brightly to manifest your true heart’s desire.
  • Create happier, more loving, more fulfilling relationships.
  • Attract healthy, balanced, people to you.
  • Teach you mastery of your energy flow and the energy flow between yourself and others.
  • Experience deep self-love.
  • Cultivate new ways of being for deeper sexual and spiritual connection.

My Tantric practices will teach you about true intimacy, experiencing deep connection and reaching the highest level of bliss imaginable. Rediscover your sense of purpose and passion and your connection to spirit.

Experience more love, passion, health and happiness. You deserve it, you are worth it!

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Local Events, Classes Workshops:

DivineKika.com offers uniquely powerful opportunities for deep levels of spiritual learning, personal healing, joyful celebration, and meaningful interpersonal (inter-spiritual) connection. Our online events calendar is updated with the latest local events, workshops and travel retreat information.
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 Booking Kika:

Kika is available to travel to anywhere in the world for sponsored teaching events at your retreat center, resort, festival, conference, yoga studio and more. Private engagements can also be booked for groups of 20 people or more. Contact us for details on our website.
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 Private Tantra Coaching:

Private appointments are ideal for anyone wishing to realize their full potential, and empower themselves on their life journey.

Great for singles or couples who want greater sex, love and intimacy and better relationships (in every area of your life). Scheduling an appointment online is fast and easy. Phone, Skype, or In Person.
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Private Retreats:

Travel to a romantic location of your choice! Dive in and discover untapped intimacy and pleasure together with your Beloved. Bring back the harmony and happiness that you are longing for. Create a fantastic relationship for the rest of your life. Take an unforgettable journey of love intimacy and bliss. This will leave an imprint on your heart and soul forever.
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Get started on the journey to discovering your best, most powerful, most fulfilled self! Bliss is your divine birthright. Now is the Time!

I invite you to start experiencing more bliss in your life now. Create fulfilling relationships, increase your confidence, improve your communication skills, and identify what you truly want or need so you can achieve it.

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