What happens in a tantra session?

Private Tantra Coaching Session with Divine Kika

34bf42_c1ef269ed48627d4767ed8140e598e9c.jpg_srz_210_205_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzStep onto the path of deep self realization and discover your inherent sacredness. Rediscover the purity of love and pleasure.  Your time together will be safe, uplifting, inspiring, and nothing less than sacred.  Break free of patterns that block you from expressing who you really are, and what your heart truly desires.  Amplify your inner light and get clear and strong on your path.

Divine Kika is here to teach you (or you and your partner) Tantric techniques that empower you to manifest more joy and fulfillment.  Private Coaching helps you to focus your intention on your personal inner-work.  Receive powerful tools, nutritional guidance, and life changing practices to integrate into your day to day life.

Come to a place of deepened awareness and understanding of where emotions “live” in your body and how to move, amplify or release them as needed.  When you learn how to be compassionate and loving with your true self – you become more available to share love with others. Rediscover yourself and the wellspring of energy that you have within.

Are you ready to make a real change?

You are invited into the sacred space of this moment.  Step into your open heart, now. Come as you are.  Even a single session can create positive powerful change.

Awaken to higher love and experience the bliss that is your divine birthright.

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