Become a Great Lover

Become a Great Lover

Event Details:

“Learn how to cultivate pleasure and celebrate your sexuality”

Ancient Tantric techniques showing you how, when and where to pleasure your lover from head to toe.  Learn to be the best lover ever!

What we will cover in this workshop:

  • Presence: Learn how to be present with your partner and to amplify your presence
  • Energy: Learn how to amplify your sexual energy, transmute it into love and give this energy to your partner as healing touch.
  • Breath: Learn how to breathe with your partner to connect the two of you, and to amplify energy and presence. You can breath yourself to a full body orgasm!
  • Safety: Learn to create safety for both you and your partner so both of you can open and heal.
  • Awakening to Love: Learn to open a deeper awareness in both of you to share from your essential nature which is Bliss!

This workshop will teach you to cultivate self love and to extend that love and acceptance to every aspect of your life, to your beloved and all those around you and also to awaken both the Divine feminine and masculine within yourself.

Practical Note: This workshop will involve partner work and participants will be wearing bikinis or bedroom attire. Oil and mattresses will be provided. You will work ONLY with your partner.