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To set up your booking, contact us directly:

divinekika@divinekika.com  or call (408) 827-5303

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What happens in a Tantric Class?


Kika is available to speak at events all around the world. Retreat centers, professional conferences, universities, new age & metaphysical expos, yoga events, and many others have booked Kika to present her inspirational teachings in the form of talks, seminars, and deeply transformative experiential workshops.

Attendants at these events are sure to be reawakened and enlivened through interactive solo and partner exercises that are proven to enhance their lives and the lives of those they know! These presentations have a broad appeal and are perfect for diverse audiences everywhere and can be customized to suit the needs of almost any gathering.

Kika is here to guide those that don’t want to settle for less than what their heart desires in life.  Her many fun and inspiring workshops are suitable for any group of open-minded people that desire to grow and manifest positive change in their lives.  Her presentations motivate people with renewed energy to improve their relationships on all levels.

Some Benefits of workshops with Kika:

  • Create deeper connections in all relationships
  • Rediscover your sense of purpose and passion
  • Understand your relationship to yourself and the world
  • Experience more love and intimacy
  • Feel greater pleasure and have better sex
  • Grow spiritually

How to Book Kika for your event:

Yes! Kika is available for travel to your event.  A “typical” workshop is divided into two ‘3 hour’  or ‘6 hour’ sessions over the course of a weekend.  Shorter (90 minute to 2 hour) presentations are also available.

Hire Kika as a speaker.

To set up your booking, contact us directly:
divinekika@divinekika.com  or call (408) 827-5303

The most popular bookings:

Workshops / Seminars (& book signing)

  1. Intensive Weekend Workshops (Two 6 hour workshops):
    For students who are interested in going more in-depth into a subject.
    $3000 per weekend minimum
  2. Mini Intensive Workshops (Two 3 hour workshops on the same day): This way the participants can explore multiple topics of interest.
    $1800 minimum

Speaking Engagements / Lectures (& book signing)

  1. 30 – 60 minute presentation
    $500 minimum
  1. 90 min presentation

Here are some suggested talks, we call them “Pillow Talks” ™

Pillow Talks ™  Sexual Intelligence for our time.  Uncensored sex advice for consenting adults.

1. Self Love is True Love

Learn about making love with presence and deeper intimacy. Explore the hot topics of sexual shame and masturbation. How connection and presence within builds deeper intimacy. Love-making practices are introduced that can take a relationship to a whole new level. Including self lovemaking that can transform your single life, and enhance your relationship.

2. Intentional Sex, Spirituality, and Healing  

What is spiritual sex? Understand how to use a sex practice and your sexual energy for more than ‘just sex’. Learn how pure love mixed with sex equals manifestation, not just babies! Practices for lovemaking the life you really want.

3. Grow your Love: Create the Sex and Love Life of Your Dreams  

Build a lovemaking practice that works for your life. Through guided somatic visualization watch it sprout and grow with delight. Create the love, sex, and relationship of your dreams.

Other notes about ​Fees:

Workshops: If Kika is the only featured speaker at your event, she typically requires a payment of 60% of the registration fees and all profits from her own product sales at the event.

Travel: All travel expenses, plus room and board must be covered in advance if she is travelling outside of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The requirements above are a minimum requirement and of course it would be great (for all of us) to exceed these goals.

Private Tantric Coaching Sessions:

Kika is often available for Private Tantric Coaching sessions when traveling, and can booked in advance or while at your event.  Generally she will take 80% for these private sessions booked at your event but will require that proper accommodations are provided. She can usually be booked for Private Tantra Coaching on the Friday before a weekend workshop, the days following the event, or during the day before workshops begin. Terms must be agreed upon in advance.  This agreement is separate from any other agreements.

About Accommodations:

Kika doesn’t need to stay in an expensive hotel – however her accommodations must be clean, very safe, comfortable and private.

Expenses to be covered are: airfare, transportation, accommodations, for workshops or private session services, lodging, and meals.. Promotion for your event is your responsibility. You will create and provide all marketing & promotion materials.  Kika will help to promote by listing your event on her website.

Kika – Alexsandra Marianetti Bio: (for use in promotional materials)

Kika was born in Brazil with a natural gift for spiritual healing and was drawn to Tantra from an early age.  She has studied with internationally recognized teachers (such as Charles and Caroline Muir, and Margo Anand of Sky-Dancing Tantra) and many other well known figures in the world of western Tantra.  She carries within her soul an amazing variety of experiences – blending spiritual and philosophical teachings from many different cultures from around the globe.

Kika is a radiant force, overflowing with positive energy who guides students to a heart-opening, blissful, authentic Tantric experience and practice.  Her seminars, classes, workshops, and private lessons help to create and expand personal fulfillment and enable individuals to cultivate more powerful and loving relationships. Students are supported in learning to love, honor and respect their true selves as well as others from their heart and abdomen (body) – broadening their understanding of human sexuality from a physical and spiritual perspective.  Kika teaches that we all are spiritual beings and for most of us, sexual expression is essential to wholeness – vital to our very existence.  Sexuality is sacred!

Kika’s profound gifts usher in healing for wounds of all types: spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual. Through her teachings, students learn how to expand joy, cultivate more intimacy, and rediscover pleasure within their personal relationships.  Deepen the understanding of your sexual energy and how you can use it to experience a life filled with joy and creativity.

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