Couples Tantra Events

Tantra events for couples only...

Couples workshops are open to committed couples that are looking to explore authentic Tantric experience with other couples. (No, this is not about swapping or swinging.) All couples are welcome, even if you have never taken Tantra classes before. However, you may want to explore a couple of Kika's beginning Tantra classes as well.

Come and learn Tantric spiritual practices with other couples for in depth expressions of connection and sharing. Go deeper into self love and bring that energy into your connection with your partner. Bring greater joy to your relationship and to every area of your life.

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Romantic Couples Event

Intimate Dinner & Tantra for dessert!

Come, celebrate and renew your relationship! Connect deeply with your partner once again while enjoying live music, a delicious dinner and a chance to awaken the senses with a decadent chocolate dessert.

We invite you to join us for a delicious dinner, where there will be candlelight and rose petals on the floor to create a loving atmosphere for you to dive into a wonderful journey...learning and experiencing Tantra for couples. We cultivate a safe sacred space, loving presence, and compassionate communication. Bring back that date feeling into your relationship, and foster and rekindle the admiration and attraction you have for each other as we dive into each other in a journey of love.

Following dinner will be a class devoted to sacred sensuality, opening the doors to your soul and awakening to the ecstatic bliss of conscious connection. We will be doing practices to increase connection and intimacy between couples, including conscious use of the breath, movement, dance, sound, conscious touch, energy work, meditation, and other inspired practices as we ignite the heart-sex energy connection. These practices will help you create a better sex life by bringing harmony, awareness, and sacredness to the connection with your partner and to the divine.

No prior Tantra experience required!