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Are you married and financially successful but feel something is missing in your life?

Are you single and masturbating more than you are having actual intercourse?

Do you give in to your ejaculation before your lover has been satisfied?

Are you willing to experience a more fulfilling sex life right now?

If you answered, YES, it’s time to…



What if you could become a conscious lover and live an empowered life of love, passion, bliss, and freedom by learning the art of ejaculation control?


For thousands of years the magic of love making and the ways of the Tantric Man have been distorted, hidden, and shamed. This has produced generations of unfulfilled men, who, despite incredible achievements in life, remained unfulfilled.

It isn’t just men who are unfulfilled, it’s their lovers as well. The girlfriends and wives of these driven, but sexually misguided men, are also left drowning in a sea of sexual and emotional unfulfillment.



What if I told you mastering your sexuality is the elusive answer you and millions of men have been searching for all this time?

When you invest in the Tantric Sex for the Modern Man course, I will show you how to master your sexuality and what kind of practices are required for you to create a consistently blissful experience in and out of the bedroom.

Not only that but, you will also learn how to expand your sexual energy into your partner’s body so that you are sharing life force energy in such a way that you are both entirely fulfilled. And the best part is you will achieve this by learning to master the art of sexual bliss so that you won’t be consumed with the need to ejaculate.



Tantric Sex for the Modern Man


Hi, my name is Kika. I am truly honored to invite you to experience a new way of living, loving, and being with my3 online course, Tantric Sex for the Modern Man.

Along with being the author of the book, “10 Tantric Sex Secrets”, for the past 14 years I have been blessed to work with men, women, and couples in the ancient ways of experiencing the deepest kind of love and intimacy and to have the most exquisite pleasure, passion and joy in your life!

It is my mission with this course to guide you in the ways of Tantric Sex for the Modern Man so that you can confidently take control of your sex life by fully awakening and harmonizing your mind, body, and soul.

  • I am here to support you throughout this transformative process.
  • I will give you insights to help you shine your light more brightly than ever before and to be the happiest you’ve ever been.
  • I will open the gates of love in your heart so you can be fully awakened.
  • I will provide you the guidance and tools to transition from frustration in life to experiencing meaningful, long-lasting fulfillment.
  • I will introduce you to life changing practices and methods for sharing and experiencing deep connection, and the highest level of sexual bliss.




During your 8-week course you will learn:

The #1 thing for controlling your ejaculations and maximizing your sexual energy.

To identify and heal deep wounds from past relationships so you can transform the pain and trauma into wisdom and create loving and fulfilling relationships.

Where to locate your “love muscle” and how to strengthen it in 30 days.

Easy to apply steps for being consciously aware of your own emotional body.

How to prepare for and enter what Tantric masters refer to as your “state of orgasm”.

To face and overcome any conscious or unconscious guilt or anxiety about sexual pleasure.

The breathing technique Tantric masters discovered thousands of years ago to magically enhance your sexuality, and becoming multi-orgasmic.

How to tap into, activate and harness your sexual power through self-love.

Ways to move life-force energy through your body, whether you are engaged in sex or not.

The art of slowing down and synchronizing your energy body with your lover’s energy body.

How to reclaim your power by consciously choosing when and why you ejaculate.

The most beautiful gift you can give to your partner anytime and anywhere.
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 Apply for the Full Course Now – Serious Inquiries Only*

* Due to the level of commitment, both financially and emotionally, to be eligible for the Tantric Sex for the Modern Man full course a rigorous three-step qualification process is required.

Fill out the questionnaire below. Should you be selected you will be qualified for step 2.

consultationSTEP 2
A one-hour 1:1 coaching session via Skype with Kika will be scheduled. A discounted fee of $188 will be applied to this session. Kika’s standard rate for 1:1 sessions range between $350 to $550 an hour.

Should you qualify for the full course and you are willing to commit to its requirements, your $188 coaching fee will be applied to the investment of $3,337. Due to the personal nature and work involved no refunds will be made after your first 1:1 session with Kika.

We honor your privacy, therefore, when you book this course, it will show on your card as PTB Services.



David R


How Do You Know This Course Is for You?

6Perhaps you have read articles or books about extending your orgasm. Maybe you even signed up for a course on Tantra but couldn’t wrap your head or heart around the concepts.

Or you may be one of millions of men who bought pills and supplements to enhance your libido. If you’re reading these words, it’s likely none of them worked.

Let’s face it, you weren’t taught the ancient secrets of Tantra in school. You won’t hear your male friends talking about it at work. And you certainly won’t learn about life force power and ejaculation control watching pornography.

With that in mind, it’s perfectly natural to feel skeptical of claims that controlling your ejaculations can be the secret code that unlocks the power and potential of your manhood. For just a moment, I ask you to consider how your life would radically change if it were true.

What if I told you that…

  • The more you ejaculate the less energy and life force you have access to.
  • For most men today masturbating has taken the place of actual intercourse.
  • Ejaculation stops you and your partner’s joy, and keeps love from expanding.
  • A lack of self-love is the culprit behind a vicious cycle of underwhelming sex.
  • Vulnerability and openness for a man is where your true strength and power is.
  • The void you have been feeling inside can be filled if you are willing to surrender your need to conquer and control life.
  • Every woman you meet is an opportunity to make love with a Goddess.
  • When a man ejaculates his heart closes, but when a woman orgasms her heart expands.
  • When love making is extended you’re able to expose yourself and your partner to deeper layers of inner and outer fulfillment.
  • To be an empowered man is to integrate your spirituality with your sexuality.

David D


You will also discover in your 8-week course:

How to control the tipping point of your ejaculation.

Tantric sex truths and techniques for ejaculation control.

How to open your heart and become capable and available to fulfill her.

Exercises for cycling sexual energy through your entire body.

How to enhance your sexual prowess and become a better love for your partner.

Three spiritual ways of ejaculation control.

How to balance and sustain the pleasure scale of ecstasy.

The single most powerful practice to stay connected to your partner.

How to touch yourself in a new way, from a new place, and for a higher purpose.

Learn to increase self-confidence, and awaken spiritually by mastering the art of masturbating with self-love.

“I feel like my being is charged. What was once empty is now full.”
~ Paul ~




Still not sure this course is right for you? It is if…

Your heart feels unfulfilled even after you have achieved your life goals.

You feel energetically drained by a lack of fulfilling sexual experiences.

You feel overwhelmed by the pressures of your job, life, and sexual cravings.

You are having difficulty communicating what you really need; to yourself and your lover.

You are looking outside your relationship for what you believe it is lacking.

You want to rekindle the love, passion and fire in your relationship.

You are in a happy relationship but still longing for more depth and connection.

Your sex life went from passionate and fulfilling to lifeless and unsatisfying.

You are looking to regain your life balance through a more empowered expression of your sexuality.

If you can relate to the above, you’re not alone. It is time to uncover what you really want, so that you can end this cycle of madness, once and for all.

Peter N





This course isn’t just about becoming a better lover. It’s about how to become a better man than you have ever imagined. Listen, if you want to bring more love into your life, become an extraordinary lover, and create fulfilling relationships, I invite you to take control of your destination now by mastering the language of love.

Change your life forever and discover your extraordinary bliss. It starts with the first step, and it must be experienced to be understood. Step onto this path of expanded awareness and transformation.

With that in mind, it is my mission and a purpose to share this wisdom with you in the Tantric Sex for the Modern Man Course so you can experience the deepest kind of love, sex, and intimacy – and to have the most exquisite pleasure, passion and joy in your life! You deserve this.


Divine KIKA