Opening to Love

Opening to Love – Introduction to Tantra

Learn how to practice better loving. These monthly gatherings are open to both men and women – couples and singles alike. Are you ready to awaken your Bliss Body as you connect with yourself, your higher self and others? Sign up now to begin increasing your confidence, creating a fulfilling love life and spiritual well being now!

This is a perfect introduction to the path of Tantra, and a touch stone for building connections and community. All are welcome. Couples – rekindle your love and passion and deepen your intimacy
Singles – explore new ways to connect and consciously create healthy relationships.

Benefits of Tantra

  • ‚ÄčExplore sacred sensuality
  • Open the doors to your soul
  • Reconsider your inner values and where they come from
  • Cultivate greater pleasure in your life pleasure
  • Break through guilt and shame around your sexuality and body image.
  • Release old ingrained beliefs that are not aligned with your inner truth.
  • Learn practices of self love
  • Become more attractive to others
  • Remove negative energy and attachments from past relationships.
  • Create a more loving presence and compassionate communications.
  • Increase awareness of all of your energy channels including your sexual energy
  • Experience greater flow within your body / mind / spirit and connection to others.
  • Circulate, expand and activate your life force energy
  • Awaken parts of your being that are sleeping, stuck, or dormant