Pillow Talks (TM): Lecture Series

Pillow Talks: Sexual Intelligence for our Time… (TM)
(Educational lecture series.)

by Kika Marianetti

Kika’s work is really is for anyone. Her colorful, energizing, and engaging educational lectures teach you her essential, life changing relationship practices for you to apply in your life today. In her ten years as a love and relationship coach, Kika has witnessed over and over how her work really changes lives for the better.

Experience more bliss in your life now. Learn how to cultivate fulfilling relationships, increase your confidence, improve your communication skills, and identify what you truly want or need so you can achieve it. Or simply make your life even better.

What you can get from attending one of Kika’s talks:

  • Have amazing relationships
  • Rekindle your Passion for life
  • Find personal fulfillment within and in relationship to others
  • Shine your light more brightly to manifest your deepest yearning
  • Create Happier / More Loving / More Fulfilling Relationships
  • Attract healthy, balanced, people to you
  • Master your energy flow and the energy flow between yourself and others
  • Experience deep self-worth
  • Discover your true power
  • Discover new ways of being for deeper sexual and spiritual connection.

These talks inspire you to explore your sense of purpose and passion, and your connection to the world around you.  Learn the meaning of true intimacy, deeper connection and what it takes to have more passion, health and happiness than you previously thought possible.

Get started on your journey to discovering your best self. You deserve it, you are worth it!