Private Couples Retreats


Private Couples Retreats

Private Couples Retreats range from a weekend intensives in the Bay Area to a 10-day retreats in Hawaii, Brazil, or other beautiful locations. Take part in this life-changing work in a setting of your choice. These intensive experiences are customized to your needs, wants, and desires, and the itinerary will be developed just for you.

Kika also provides a sacred space and safe container to explore and expand your relationship.  When we enter into relationship, we all have the need to love and be loved.  Through compassionate communication, conscious loving, and conscious touch, profound healing can occur and new ways to love and be loved deeply emerge.

Every year Kika offers a limited number of private retreats for select groups and dedicated couples. In these Couples Immersion Retreats you deepen your connection with yourself and each other. Dive in to deeper ways of communicating, love making, and intimacy. Learn how to really understand and meet each other’s needs.

Daka or Male Tantra Instructor – If desired a male tantra instructor can also join us for your journey. This allows great flexibility in customizing healing and learning time. Kika and the daka may share and demonstrate practices which you may observe and practice. He is also available when it may be beneficial for each of you to receive individual support, guidance, or healing sessions.

Body Worker – Kika has access to several highly skilled professional body workers who can assist you in releasing tightness and body holding. In this space the tantric practices are assimilated even more deeply. Their familiarity with Kika’s work enables them to uniquely customize your massage to complement your time in private sessions.

Yoga Instructor – Under the guidance of one of Kika’s specially selected instructors, you will learn and practice additional yoga asanas or postures. These are specifically designed to enhance your experience in private sessions.

Sexual Health/Wellness Specialist – Do either of you suspect you may have hormone imbalance issues? For women, PMS, decreased sex drive, vaginal dryness or menopausal issues are common and these issues can get in the way of experiencing more physical love. For men, changes in libido and erectile function are also common for a variety of reasons, including andropause. This is a great way to ensure that your physical body has the optimal hormonal balance and health for maximum pleasure!  Private and individualized consultation with a clinical and compounding pharmacist includes hormone testing, recommendations, and education. Education is given both privately and as a couple.  Maximize your sexual health!



  • Early Morning – Enjoy a full leisurely breakfast and/or do some yoga or qi gong on your own
  • Mid-Morning – Meet with Kika for learning/class time and communication
  • Lunch – Assimilate learning on your own with quiet time and a healthy lunch or have a relaxing massage with a practitioner
  • Afternoon – Meet with Kika for coaching/meditation/curriculum
  • Early Evening – Private Healing Session with Kika
  • Evening – Enjoy a quiet dinner on your own or with Kika

Class times and formats are subject to change to accommodate customization.



Kika offers private immersion weekends in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, Hawaii, Brazil, Europe, and other ideal locations of your choice.


Indulge in tantric and relationship exploration for the weekend with Kika, a master communicator and love coach.  Move past your limiting beliefs in a safe environment and expand your ability to love and be loved!  Communication and intimacy skills are taught and practiced in addition to tantra.  You will be given assignments for home play with your partner.

$5,000 + expenses. Inquire about availability.



Enjoy all the teachings and experiences Kika offers with the addition of one of his highly-skilled practitioners.  Add massage, bodywork, Daka work, or yoga classes to your experience, or have a full hormone-balancing  consultation to explore your sexual health from a hormonal perspective to round out your weekend.  A truly beautiful experience! Price available upon request.



The Ultimate Adventure continues on a 7-day immersion experience. In some of the most luxurious, exotic, and tranquil places on earth, Kika will focus specifically on the areas of growth you desire. A wide menu of options include daily private coaching and/or healing sessions with Kika.

In addition, personalized world-class support is available for you to choose from. Kika has access to an elite group of wellness practitioners including female or male healers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and hormone specialists. Contact Kika to learn more or email her for availability:

Week-long Tantra immersions are for those who desire the ultimate vacation where your relationship is center-stage. Allow more time to dive into the depths of your passion. Explore your relationship like never before. Kika will travel to Maui, Brazil, Europe, or other favorite destination of your choosing.


Are two and a half days not enough for what you need?  Extend your experience to 6-nights and 7-days for a deeper dive into what holds you back from more love in your relationship.  Change the way you give and receive love and intimacy now and forever. Inquire about availability.



Add a practitioner to Kika’s masterful weeklong teachings.  Chill out your hot experience with daily massages, extra sessions, daily bodywork, hormonal balancing, or other pampering options.  Take advantage of this opportunity to really embrace mind, body, and spirit. Inquire about availability.



Live it up!  There’s nothing quite like it.  Pamper yourself while changing your life.  On top of a full experience with Kia and her wisdom, receive extra education or pampering with hands-on work.  Talk to Kika about your options.  The sky’s the limit! Price available upon request.




Transform your relationship in paradise! Indulge in 9 evenings and 10 full days of tantric exploration with Kika, custom tailored to your specific areas of interest. Learn to love like never before. Dive deeper into your intimacy and learn how to really please your partner on the deepest level. Inquire to discuss.



Start off your married life with a 6-day, 7-night honeymoon trip designed to create the foundation of a successful and fulfilling lifelong relationship.  Establish communication skills and lovemaking ideas to last a lifetime.  Give your relationship the gift of forever! Inquire to discuss.



Design your own experience.  Make all your dreams come true in your favorite place on earth!  Indulge in a full exploration of tantra and relationship on your terms.  “Imagination is everything. It’s life’s preview of coming attractions.” -Einstein Inquire to discuss.


Discounts may be available.  A 5% -20% discount can be applied in special cases. The class schedule may be modified to accommodate the price break given.