Singles Tantra Events

Singles Tantra Events

Singles workshops are open to individuals that are looking to explore authentic Tantric experience. All are welcome, however if you have never taken Tantra classes before, we strongly suggest that you take a couple of beginner classes to get familiar with the work so that we are all ready to interact more readily at our singles events.

Learn Tantric spiritual practices with other singles in depth, and go deeper into self love, and ecstatic pleasure, bringing greater joy to every area of you life and future relationships.

What You Can Experience in a Tantra Class: Learn more...

Heart and Soul
Evenings for Singles!

No date required! Just bring your beautifully authentic self!

The path to a spiritual conscious relationship begins by honoring your body, your heart and your soul. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet lots of new single people and have a great night out.​

Sensual Singles Event

No date required! Just bring your beautiful and sensual self!

Do you care about exploring deep and meaningful connections and having safe and sensual fun?

Deepen your knowledge of Tantric sensuality between yourself and others, and experience how self-love is your true power. Share loving presence and sensual awareness with others interested in Tantra.