Tantric Sex vs Normal Sex, What is the Difference?

Tantric Sex: quote from Osho's "the Book of Secrets"Non-Tantric Sex

According to Osho, regular (non-tantric) sex is about excitement leading to a peak, which is orgasm. When you tip over the top of the mountain, all you can do is fall down again. Tension releases, and you may fall into sleep… All you can do to feel more pleasure is try to extend the time of excitement. The time of the orgasm is short, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Tantric Sex

Although Tantric Sex starts the same as regular sex, it leads to a completely different outcome. See it as a daily ritual like a prayer, a joyful meditation. Instead of reaching a “peak orgasm”, you can enter the infinite realm of “valley orgasm” that can last for hours. That state of orgasm can lead to spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

How to do Tantric Sex

  1. Osho says that first, excitement is required, just as usual to get aroused. I also experienced that we can even have energetic sex that does not require body excitement at the beginning. It can be a lovely ritual for deep connection and intimacy.
  2. Then, the man enters the woman and both can relax, being aware of entering each other’s essence or soul, feeling pleasure and deep intimacy. In me – you see yourself and I see you in me. From that place magic can happen!
  3. Now you can relax in a loving embrace that may sustain for hours. Move and exchange energy through your emotional centers – called Chakras – and enjoy the realm of Tantric “valley orgasm”. In Tantra we make love for a long time, so that we are able to let go of our masks, opening up to different layers of soul connection.
  4. If needed, small movements may be required to maintain erection. Movements can become a sweet dance of love.

Tantra, a Spiritual Path to Ecstasy

  • Be with your body; feel sensations through your body.
  • With your breath, spread your sensual energy.
  • Allow yourself to feel your partner. Connect deeply with him / her; be fully present.
  • Women: remember to exhale! Most women lose their orgasm because they forget to exhale!
  • Surrender fully into the sensations of your body.
  • Create magic: sex can be magical loving, allowing yourself to loosen up completely, letting go of any inhibitions or desires to “look good” or “do it right”. Surrender to the magic of the moment.
  • Let yourself make sounds that come from deep within your soul, that allow your partner to see deeply into you, where you both are able to expand love.
  • Bring your spiritual connection mixed with infinite physical pleasure that does not have a beginning or an ending, but is a dance of infinite love.
  • Tantric Sex can be healing, transformational, and transcend all that is. It is a way for you (and all human beings) to tap into your true essence, connect with your soul purpose, bring you into alignment, expand and energize your personal healing, open and charge every cell in your body, and honor the temple of your soul so deeply that you are truly awakened.